presented by: @lilirunstexas

Challenge: Run / walk 14 miles before April 18th while practicing social distancing and healthy habits!

STEP ONE: Print out your Quarantine Fourteen Running Challenge bib. Bib will be in PDF format and is intended to be printed on plain 8.5x11 paper in LANDSCAPE mode. You may also use cardstock, laminate your bib, or protect it with a plastic Ziploc bag while you run.

STEP TWO: Run or walk 14 miles. The miles do not have to be run the same day, or even the same week. You can run the miles at YOUR PACE whenever you want. It can be indoors, outdoors, day, or night. Try doing this before April 18th - but if not, don’t worry. Take as much time as you need!

STEP THREE: Track your progress. The bib comes with 7 coronavirus icons that you can color in or cross out for every two miles that you complete. For example, you can run two miles on Tuesday and cross out one icon, run two more miles on Thursday and cross out another and so on and so forth until you have accumulated a total of 14 miles.

STEP FOUR: Take a photo! Take photos throughout your running challenge, or when you have completed all 14 miles. Use the hashtag #quarantine14rc to connect with others and get more people involved. Tag @lilirunstexas on Instagram or on Facebook. Challenge photos will be uploaded at a later date (I would love to see runners from all over complete this challenge!)

STEP FIVE: Be safe! Stay home! Wash your hands! Liliana Hinojosa @lilirunstexas