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Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. I love the decorations, different costumes, yummy candies and scary tricks. Every year around this time, my family and I buy several pumpkins and decorate them however we want. Some of us carve them, some of us paint them, while other just help gut the pumpkin and enjoy the delicious seeds afterwards. Either way, we have a lot of fun! I also enjoy browsing through all the photos my friends post of their pumpkins...each year they seem to get better and better. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by hosting a contest?!? I love doing contests and showing my clients how much I appreciate their business, so every once in a while I'll give away a photo session and it's definitely about that time. So now that you are interested, let me tell you exactly what is required, the rules, and tips on how to win a photo session from Liliana Hinojosa Photography.

First and foremost, you need to go out to your local grocery store or market and purchase the cutest pumpkin you see. Take some time with your family to get the perfect pumpkin and then get the supplies you need to decorate it. Once your idea is executed, take a picture of your pumpkin and a note that says Liliana Hinojosa Photography* (I'll post an example). That picture will be used for your contest entry. Submit that photo, along with a story or quote if you wish, to Liliana Hinojosa Photography - either through Facebook message or email (lilianahinojosa@icloud.com). You have until October 12th to get your submission in. Once you submit your photo, I will post them onto an album on my Facebook Page on October 13th, when voting begins. To get votes, simply tell your friends to follow these steps:

1.) Like Liliana Hinojosa Photography

2.) Locate your photo on the album

3.) Hit "like"

That's it! I will be checking the votes to see if the voters actually like the page and count the ones that do as a vote. Voting will close October 31st (Halloween!) and the winner will be announced November 1st. Pretty easy, right? Now, you're probably thinking...what is the prize? Well, don't think that I've forgotten. The winner of the Halloween Pumpkin Contest will receive a special holiday mini session in late November or early December, your choice. It will be Christmas themed, perfect for family cards. Still interested? Hurry and get your photos in!


Check the status of your photo frequently. If you see that you are falling behind, share it on your timeline or with a group of friends.

Ensure that everyone that is voting likes Liliana Hinojosa Photography. A way to check is by clicking on the number of likes so that a list pops up. Go through each profile and check if they like the page. If they don't, the vote won't count. If you see that some friends don't like the page but do like the picture, just remind them that they have to like the page in order for the vote to count. 

Don't be afraid to tag your friends! I've enabled tags so you can tag anyone that you want in hopes of getting a vote. 

Share frequently! Some people are at work or some at school when you share..make sure you share at least a couple of times a day so that everyone gets to see your post. 

Lastly, invite friends to like the page and vote for your photo. Send emails, messages, tweets, instagram etc. Anything to get the word out!

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