Frequently Asked Questions - lilianahinojosa

How much do you charge?

That depends on the type of photo session that you want. You can find most of my prices  HERE. If you have a special request or question, don't hesitate to contact me. 

What exactly is a mini session?

A mini session is a 30 minute session that includes 10 beautifully edited digital photos.

Where do you take the pictures?

I mostly do outdoor photography  at parks, nice fields, etc. If you send me a message on my Facebook page, I can send you a list of locations that I have saved. 

Can you take the pictures at my house?

Yes, I can do a home visit. The price of the session depends on where you live.

What size prints will I receive?

Prints are NOT included with any of my sessions. Instead, you receive a print release that gives you the right to print the photos anywhere you'd like. 

Can I get a CD?

Yes, you can get a CD for only $15 extra. It will be mailed to you and it will only include the photos that you purchased. 

How do I download the photos so that I can print them big?

Here's an instructional video on the download process: VIDEO

So I can print the photos anywhere?

Yes, you will get a print release with each session. If you want beautiful prints, I recommend ordering from a trusted photo website. Walgreens is also great.

Why is your logo on there? Can I crop it out?

My logo is on there because it is a picture that I took. You CANNOT crop it out and upload it to social media sites. If you do, I will kindly ask you to take the photo down or to give me credit in the caption. If you would like the logo removed from your photos, you need to pay an extra $20. 

I know I only get 20 digitals with my full session, but I really would like to get extra photos. How much are they?

Extra photos are $5 each if it was a regular full or mini session. If it was a special, like Mother's Day Minis, those are $10 each. 

What happens if we go over time?

Extra time can be purchased, or will be billed accordingly. Usually, $20 for 30 extra minutes, no additional photos included.